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Archive: 2018

Transport to Suomenlinna on 16th of July


Due to the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States in Helsinki, the Market Square will be closed off to the public on Monday the 16th of July. Therefore, the waterbuses and ferries don’t run as usual to Suomenlinna. You can arrive to Suomenlinna from Katajanokka or from Hakaniemi. HSL’s service ferry from the […] Read more

Midsummer 2018 in Suomenlinna


The Midsummer celebration is right around the corner. Helsinki is quieting down during Midsummer, but majority of the services in Suomenlinna will continue to serve visitors throughout the Midsummer holidays. We invite you to come to Suomenlinna to visit museums, enjoy a good meal or perhaps take a guided tour to learn more about Suomenlinna’s colourful past. Read more