Länsimustasaaren asuinrakennukset auringonnousun aikaan. Kuu loistaa kirkkaana talojen yläpuolella

Why do we need a management plan?

Suomenlinna is one of around a thousand UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO requires that World Heritage Sites prepare a plan outlining how the site is managed and developed.

Suomenlinna sea fortress is an example of the military architecture of its time and a national treasure. A special characteristic of the fortress comes from its importance in the defence of three countries — Sweden, Russia and Finland. As well as a tourist attraction, the fortress is a living neighbourhood and city district where people live, work and spend time.

The aim of the management plan is to ensure that the fortress is maintained in good order for future generations. A key goal of the plan is to manage the allocation of duties and resources for Suomenlinna among responsible parties.

All interested participants have an important role in the management plan. The plan and Suomenlinna are developed as a joint effort. Take part in conserving a shared world heritage!