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Sustainable development

The aim of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to secure conditions for a better life, now and in the future. They are also essential in the sustainable development of Suomenlinna sea fortress. In the work for Suomenlinna, we have decided to focus on three targets: actions against climate change, cooperation and partnership, and sustainable tourism.

The objective of sustainable development is to secure prosperity for future generations. According to the principles of sustainable development, today’s decisions must not be made at the expense of the future. Instead, their task is to ensure that we do not live in excess of our resources. The goal of sustainable development is to secure equal opportunities for a good life to our children and their children.

Sustainable development has to do with much more than the environment and ecologic development, although they are some of its essential aspects. Equally important are human rights, social and cultural sustainability and economic considerations.

From large scale to Suomenlinna

UN member states agreed on sustainable development goals at a summit held in New York in 2015. The purpose of the sustainable development goals is to guide the world’s development until the year 2030. Sustainable development was summed up as 17 goals, with a total of 169 targets. You can read more about the goals and targets on the sustainable development website.

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Sustainable development goals guide the work for Suomenlinna and are therefore an important part of the management plan.

During 2018, workshops held in Suomenlinna discussed all 17 goals and their targets. As a result of the discussions, we have decided to focus on three targets that are particularly well-suited for Suomenlinna and Finnish society. These three targets were seen as the most crucial for the preservation of Suomenlinna.

In Suomenlinna, we has decided to focus on actions against climate change, cooperation and partnerships, and sustainable tourism. These goals are a part of all measures taken for the preservation of Suomenlinna and guide all aspects of the management plan.