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Comment on the management plan

The management plan is developed as a joint effort. The plan can be commented by submitting the form below. Received comments are used in the various steps of the process.

Cooperation with stakeholders is a key part of the management plan of Suomenlinna. In 2018, the core part of the management plan, the guidelines for the future of Suomenlinna, was prepared through workshops in cooperation with a wide network.

In November 2018, the Board steering the work of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna approved the management plan’s guidelines for the future. The guidelines were specified in the coming years on the basis of monitoring and impact assessment in accordance with a continuously progressing process.

Involving a wide network in the work is equally important in the future, as well. We are looking forward to receiving comments and opinions regarding the management plan. All parties committed to and interested in Suomenlinna have the opportunity to comment. You can share your thoughts by using the form below.

All submitted opinions and comments will be taken into account in the future development of the management plan of Suomenlinna.

The guidelines for the future are listed below. Click the chart to zoom in.

Tulevaisuuden suuntaviivat graafisesti neljässä laatikossa

The contact information for the management plan project group is available here.

Comment on the management plan

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