Talvinen Suomenlinnan, kaksi ihmistä kävelee muurien välissä.


Suomenlinna is developed and protected by approximately 80 permanent Governing Body employees and during the high tourism season in the summer, by numerous summer employees, especially in the Maintenance unit. The organisation is divided into four units: the Restoration unit, the Maintenance unit, the World Heritage Services unit and the Administrative and Legal Services unit.

The Director of the agency and the Managing Committee are responsible for planning and implementing the operations of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna. The highest decision-making body in the Governing Body of Suomenlinna is the Board that convenes 3–4 times a year. It consists of representatives of four ministries, the City of Helsinki, the National Board of Antiquities, Senate Properties, the residents of Suomenlinna and the Governing Body.

See this for the Board’s composition valid until 30 April 2022.


The tasks of the Restoration unit include the renovation and complementary building of the fortress buildings, annual repairs and the development of the cultural environment. Suomenlinna is one of the most significant and extensive restoration sites in Finland. The Restoration unit employs architects an supervisors, for instance.

The Maintenance unit is in charge of property management, landscape management and property maintenance. The Maintenance unit consists of gardeners, cleaners and caretakers, among others. The real estate manager and the property secretary also work for the Maintenance unit, serving the tenants of the Governing body, i.e. residents and tenants of office rooms, workrooms and business facilities.

The World Heritage Services unit serves tourists from Finland and abroad and especially partners and stakeholders associated with the World Heritage Site. The unit is in charge of provision of information about Suomenlinna, tourist information, sales service for conference and banqueting facilities, coordination of the implementation of Suomenlinna’s management plan, quality control of the World Heritage Site and network cooperation. See tourism-related key figures.

The Administrative and Legal Services unit supports the operations of the other units of the Governing Body and is in charge of administrative tasks.