Management plan process

The aim of the management plan is to conserve Suomenlinna for future generations. The management plan is implemented in cooperation with a wide range of partners through a continuous process.

The first step was to study Suomenlinna’s past and current situation in order to form a basis for the future. The guidelines for Suomenlinna’s future were then agreed with stakeholders. An action plan will be drawn up around the year 2019 in order to meet the agreed objectives.

Monitoring, impact assessment and development are equally important, and these areas will be priorities around the year 2020. The development phase will focus on assessing whether the chosen course of action has been the correct one and whether any changes have taken place in the rapidly changing world that require the chosen priorities to be revised. It is possible that revisions are needed in order to keep the main goals in focus and to ensure the conservation of Suomenlinna for future generations. If the guidelines are revised, the action plan will also need to be revisited and a new follow-up and development process launched.

In other words, the management plan is constantly evolving. The stakeholders’ contribution is vital for the process. We would like as many people as possible to get involved in protecting our shared cultural heritage and conserving Suomenlinna for future generations!

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