Kuvassa Suomenlinnan hoitokunnan toimisto talvella

Maintenance backlog

Suomenlinna’s maintenance backlog refers to works that, once completed, will leave the renovated structures and areas requiring only regular maintenance.

The works consist of landscaping, structural and building renovations, repairs, construction and restoration. The concept of maintenance backlog does not cover new buildings or development projects.

A maintenance backlog accumulates due to, among other things, decisions on priorities and inadequate resources. The need for repairs is increased by the eroding effect of changes in weather and wear resulting from increasing use. The growth of a maintenance backlog has various consequences, such as gradually growing restoration costs.

The enclosed maps show buildings and structures as well as landscape elements that should be renovated in the next five years. These do not constitute the Governing Body’s programme of works or renovation plan.

You can open the maps  by clicking the picture.