Kustaanmiekan vallit kesällä, keltainen ukonpalko kukkii.


The restoration, management and administration of Suomenlinna are funded with funds from the State budget and with profits from the operations of the Governing Body of Suomenlinna, which cover approximately 65 per cent of operating costs. The proceeds of the Governing Body mainly comprise the rents of residences and business facilities, income from the sale of landscape preservation services, and profits from conference and banqueting facilities.

The Governing Body cooperates extensively with the Suomenlinna Prison, and funding for projects where work is carried out by inmates comes from the Ministry of Justice.

The budget of the agency for 2017 is EUR 12,7 million, covering all operations: restoration carried out on all of the eight islands and buildings of Suomenlinna, the maintenance of Suomenlinna and rental property management, provision of information about the fortress to visitors and the administration of the area and the agency as well as salaries of some 70 permanent and several temporary employees.